Jesus Bears Our Sins

Message from . April 3, 2017. Category: Commandments, Discipleship, God, Outreach, Salvation, Sin

Live a new life in Jesus Christ

Message from . March 26, 2017. Category: Discipleship, God, Salvation, Sin

From the Garden to the Garden

Message from . March 5, 2017. Category: History, Salvation

Christmas surprises from God

Message from . December 18, 2016. Category: God, History, Salvation

A Life of Gratitude

Message from . November 13, 2016. Category: Discipleship, Evil, Faith, God, Love, Salvation

The Persecuted Church

Message from . November 6, 2016. Category: Faith, Love, Outreach, Salvation

Life is about relationships

Message from . October 10, 2016. Category: Discipleship, Salvation